Zoning Ordinance

* As of 9/17/2014 these zoning ordinances are being reviewed and changes are being made. These may not reflect the most current Ordinance.  Please contact City Hall for further information or clarification.  Any building is subject but not limited to the Minnesota State Building and Fire Code.

Section 1: Table of Contents

Section 1: Title & Application

Section 2: Rules and Definitions

Section 3: Administration

Section 4: Enforcement

Section 5: Building Permits

Section 10: Conditional Use Permit

Section 11: Interim Use Permit

Section 12: Variance

Section 13: Zoning Amendments

Section 14: Administrative Permits

Section 15: Planned Unit Development (PUD)

Section 20: Zoning Districts & District Provisions

Section 21: Farm Residential District (AG)

Section 22: Urban Residential (R1)

Section 23: Low Density Single Family Residential (R2)

Section 24: Multi-Family District – Medium Density (R3)

Section 25: Multi-Family District – High Density (R4)

Section 26: Mixed Residential (MXR)

Section 27: Residential Business Transition (RB-1)

Section 28: Central Business District (B-1)

Section 29: Highway Business District (B-2)

Section 30: Light Industrial (I-1)

Section 31: Manufactured Home Park District (MH-1)

Section 40: General Provisions

Section 41: Accessory Buildings, Structures, and Uses

Section 42: Fences and Retaining Walls

Section 43: Wetland Preservation

Section 44: Landscaping Provisions

Section 45: Screening

Section 46: Off-Street Parking

Section 47: Off-Street Loading

Section 48: Land Excavation/Grading

Section 49: Land Filling Operations

Section 50: Storm Water and Erosion Control

Section 51: Home Occupations

Section 52: Mobile Homes

Section 53: Signs

Section 54: Non-Conforming Buildings, Structures, and Uses

Section 55: Relocating Structures

Section 56: Swimming Pools

Section 57: Auto Service Station Standards

Section 58: Drive-In Business Standards

Section 80: 2018 Fee Schedule Effective 1/01/2019

Section 81: Severability, Supremacy, and Effection Date

Zoning Ordinance

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