Citizen Complaint

When a citizen has a complaint they want to register, they must file the complaint in writing, on a form to be provided by the City.  The form is available at City Hall, or can be sent by US Mail, printed online or filled out via the city website.  Once signed and completed, the form will then be forwarded to the proper department for determination what, if any, action shall be taken.  Upon determined, the complainant will be notified of the action taken. The Council shall be provided a copy of the completed and signed complaint form and its subsequent resolution.

Persons refusing to file a signed complaint will have their complaint heard, but no action may be taken.  You recognize that by filling out the form online, we are requiring the name field to be completed and that clicking submit constitutes your signature on the form.

Pursuant to Minnesota Data Practices Laws, the identity of a complainant will not be provided or released except in a court of law.

Printable Version – Citizen Complaint Form

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Citizen Complaint

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