Animal Control

Animal Control Officer – Krista Grossinger (320) 420-5888

A current license must be obtained for up to 2 dogs that are over six (6) months of age. Licenses can be purchased at City Hall and proof of rabies vaccination is required. If you can’t make it in to City Hall during office hours, you may complete the application online below.  Your proof of rabies needs to be mailed, emailed or faxed in.  Once we receive your application, payment and proof of rabies, a license will be sent to you.  Click here to make your payment.  Licenses are $10.00 for a spayed/neutered dog and $15.00 for an unaltered dog.

No dog shall be allowed by its owner to run at large, and every owner of a dog is required to confine the animal to the owner’s property by training, fencing, or leashing.  The cost of a license is $10-$15 and are good for 2 years.  The following are rules for dog owners:

• Dogs must not be allowed to run at large

• May not damage the property of anyone other than its owner

• Owners must pick up after their dogs

• No excessive barking

• Obtain proper permits for 3 or more dogs


According to the Wright County ordinance, “Vicious Animals” are any animal or animals which constitute a physical threat to human beings or other animals by virtue of one or more attacks of such severity as to cause property damage or physical injury, however slight.


Complaints regarding public nuisance and vicious animals are handled by Maple Lake’s contracted Animal Control Officer, Sue Eaton at (612) 366-4370 and/or the Wright County Sheriff’s Department.

Dog License Online Application

Maple Lake Dog Ordinance

Dangerous Dogs – Wright County Ordinance

Animal Control

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