Kirk Larson

    I moved to Maple Lake in 2003 and am currently restoring “Stormin'” Norman Geyen’s old farmhouse.

    I joined the Maple Lake Fire Department and Ambulance Service as a firefighter and EMT in 2014.

    After my IBM I.T. job was moved to Canada, I starting working in the Buffalo Hospital ER as a technician and the US Bank Stadium as an EMT.

    I’m also doing computer consulting on the side and will start my Estate Executor business shortly. I also volunteer at Irish Stadium across the street for Lakers’ games and Brew Fest.

    An hour before the signup was to close, only one person had filed to fill the two open seats on the City Council.  After all the passionate discussion at recent council meetings about the open lot downtown, I would have thought more people would have filed before the deadline.  Since any open seats are filled by appointment from the City Council, I thought it would be better to give the citizens of Maple Lake a choice.  So I filed.

    Obviously the open lot downtown is the chief issue on people’s mind lately. But I think the larger question is what to do with downtown overall.  How do we make downtown Maple Lake a thriving neighborhood that both people want to visit and businesses want to stay year-round? Right now I don’t think we have a successful strategy in place.  I would be interested in helping make downtown an area of Maple Lake we are all proud of.