Heather Kadlec

    My husband, John, and I have lived in Maple Lake for 15 years along with our two sons, Evan and Mason. Evan is a 2010 graduate from Maple Lake and Mason is in 7th grade. We enjoy participating in many of the city events such as St. Pat’s Day, Gear-Head Get Together and the ice fishing contest.

    I really want to explore ways to ensure Maple Lake continues to grow as a great place to live and raise a family. Adding new features to our parks like soccer nets, playground equipment, a splash pad and other improvements would greatly serve the members of our community.

    I’d love to research how we could add a Red Box in town, music in the park, and provide even more options to community favorites like movies on Birch. I believe this would attract residents of all ages and new families while enhancing the lives of all current residents.

    In my opinion, we really need to stay focused on growth and improvements of the community as well as staying open to new business ideas and opportunities. I believe it is in the best interest of Maple Lake to set up a strategic plan and as a city to support our schools.