Deb Geyen

    My name is Deb Geyen and I am a proud, lifelong resident of Maple Lake. For the past 21 years I have worked for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources in the parks and trails division, coached and umpired for many different youth ball teams in the city, and I am involved in many other city, school and local events.

    I have been co-chair of the Maple Lake St. Patrick’s Day parade for several years, volunteering for Gear-Head Get Together and I am always looking for other opportunities to help in the community.

    I have a deep respect and passion for Maple Lake and it’s citizens- trying always to enhance our community.

    There are many important issues facing our community. As a council member for the last ten years, I have served on many different committees, seeing first-hand the way our city works. During the decade, I have found we need to be proactive in our decision-making, not reactive. We need to practice fiscal responsibility, maintain and when necessary, improve city streets and sidewalk safety. The city currently donates $10,500 a year to the library. I feel it is time to expand our city hall to house our library and utilize those funds for our expansion. The library is a wonderful asset for our citizens. Also at the top of my list is improving local job opportunities and our housing situation. Knowing and understanding what creates jobs is something I continue to work hard at. School excellence is also at the top of my list. I feel the school is the backbone to our community.

    Maple Lake can improve how it runs city government, that is my foremost objective in running for Mayor. There are many cost-saving measures that need to be explored; we need to be progressive when it comes to expansion of a new industrial park. Both these situations will help bring new employment and help bring in new residents. Re-evaluation of our sewer plant management can save us in operation costs. Housing is an issue here. we need to attract more senior housing so citizens do not have to move away when they retire, and more affordable housing to attract and keep families and young people here.

    The business opportunities need to be supported. With the creation of a new industrial park, and support of downtown revitalization we can attract new businesses to both sides of the highway.

    Leadership takes work and common sense, which I am willing to put forth as Mayor. Through the years I have stayed “hands on” and used due diligence in keeping up with the issues. While meeting with citizens often and listening to their concerns, my decisions can be made for what’s best for the city as a whole. We need to listen to those who vote us in, so they feel their ideas and voices are being heard. I have learned much in the past ten years from our citizens and city employees- what they think is important to me.

    As Mayor of Maple Lake, I will be in the best position to guide our city to a successful future.